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About containers

Dual Persona and Corporate Liable (CL) containers were deprecated on the Note 10 and later devices. COM containers were deprecated in S10s running Knox 3.3 and higher. For more information, see Unsupported COM and CL Workspaces. Deprecated container types that were created on existing devices in your fleet will continue to work until the official end of life (EOL) of the devices. However, we recommend that you use the new Device management modes to take advantage of the latest security and personal privacy features.

Trying to create a COM on these devices will not work. COM, for example, S7 or S8.

With Knox 3.0, the Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) extends Android work profiles to access the full range of differentiating Knox features without having to create a legacy Knox Workspace container. Admins may still deploy the Knox Workspace managed container if they choose. However, the latest Knox Platform for Enterprise features are no longer supported on these containers.

See also the new container architecture guide for information on getting an enterprise ready to extend the work profile using Knox Platform for Enterprise.

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