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Knox Service Plugin

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Knox Service Plugin is an app that lets you use Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) features to administer, configure, and secure Samsung devices, as soon as the features are available through a Knox Platform for Enterprise release.

As an IT admin, you are able to use the latest Knox features on the day they are launched, instead of needing to develop your own solution using the Samsung Knox SDK, or waiting for your UEM provider to integrate the features.

Two phones running Knox Service Plugin.

Why use Knox Service Plugin?

Here’s a simple example to explain how Knox Service Plugin can help you:

Let’s say that Knox Platform for Enterprise introduces the capability for Samsung devices to translate speech to any language in real time. James, an IT admin for his global organization, thinks that would be a very useful feature to deploy to his team’s devices, but his team doesn’t include a software developer to make use of the Knox SDK to incorporate the feature.

James contacts a developer at his UEM provider, Leonard, to ask when the new feature might be integrated into the UEM’s console. Leonard tells James that the new feature won’t be included in their UEM console for many months.

Undeterred, James remembers that he doesn’t need to wait for Leonard to implement the new feature. Instead, he can add the Knox Service Plugin app to his UEM. With the plugin installed, new features introduced in Knox Platform for Enterprise are available in his UEM console the same day, and James can enable the translation feature on his team’s devices right away.

Benefits of using Knox Service Plugin

Knox Service Plugin lets IT admins use Knox Platform for Enterprise features as soon as they’re available. Knox Platform for Enterprise brings defense-grade security on the most popular consumer devices across all enterprises. It provides best-in-class hardware-based security, policy management, and compliance capabilities beyond the standard features in Android. Knox is the cornerstone of a strong mobile security strategy supporting a wide variety of Samsung devices.

Knox Service Plugin provides the following benefits:

  • Helps enterprise customers deploy existing and new Knox features to their devices almost instantly after features are commercially launched.

  • Leverages the UEM’s framework and UI to offer enterprise customers better control over distribution and configuration of Knox Platform for Enterprise features.

  • Makes sure all Knox Platform for Enterprise features are available for use, regardless of which UEM you choose.

  • Minimizes a UEM’s development cost of supporting Knox Platform for Enterprise features.

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