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Get started with ISV APIs

This sample app shows how to use the new features introduced with Knox 3.7.1: ISV permissions, device management, and peripheral management.


After downloading the sample app package, you can browse the source code in the folder:


The folder contains these files:

  • — Adds a broadcast receiver, starts peripheral activity, creates preferences, activates a license.
  • — Checks and requests runtime permissions.
  • — Handles peripheral events, updates peripheral settings.
  • — Sets app preferences.
  • — Defines constant for intent used for hard key presses.
  • — Loads and updates URI arrays, queries USB device.
  • — Provides an Options menu, checks runtime permissions.

The folder also contains these sub-folders, which provide additional supporting functions:

  • /adapter — Gets the dropdown and item views of apps, keyboards, languages. Gets and sets values.
  • /config — Configures a device’s apps, date and time, font, hardware keys, NFC, settings, and Wi-fi.
  • /peripheral — Configures a peripheral’s admin receiver, constants, JSON parser, settings, utilities.
  • /peripheralservice — Handles events from the Koamtac and loopback plugins.
  • /provider — Provides setup suggestions.
  • /receiver — Tests the broadcast receiver.

For more info, see the following:


  • Samsung device with Knox version 3.7.1 (API level 34) or higher

Getting Started


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This sample uses the Gradle build system. To build this project, use the gradlew build command or use Import Project in Android Studio.

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