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Knox SDK knowledge base articles

Last updated June 7th, 2024


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Always-on VPN using Knox SDK doesn’t start on device

License keys page unavailable from the Knox Developer Portal

Screen capture permissions don’t update after calling setScreenCapture()

Sunsetting 32-bit app support on Samsung devices

Alternatives to the installApplication method

Device not restricting content transfer with Smart Switch

Unable to view lock screen when using Knox Remote Support on desktop

ISV VPN client app requirements for communicating with Knox SDK

How to enable and change the SIM card PINs on a dual SIM device

How to restrict users from accessing and sharing device data

App shortcuts are hidden on the Kiosk home screen

How to hide or disable device settings and default apps to create a restricted UI

App fails to retrieve the CCM certificate after an Android 12 OS upgrade

How to power the device on or off when connected or disconnected from a power source

How to programatically disable or hide pre-installed apps inside a Knox container

How to get the unique identifier for devices running Android 10 (Q OS) using Knox Configure

How to create a QR code to enroll a device into Android Enterprise Device Owner (DO) mode

How to allow incoming and outgoing SMS only to specific phone numbers

How to allow incoming and outgoing calls only to specific phone numbers

Using ADB to provision a Fully Managed (DO) device causes unexpected behavior during the Knox license activation process

System Settings app force closes when in ProKiosk mode

KPE functionality lost on Android - Others and Android Go devices after Android 10 upgrade

Known Android 10 issues about Remote Desktop and Remote Injection in Landscape mode

About Knox Platform for Customization

Admin application is no longer enforcing device policies

How to allow access to Wi-Fi/WLAN in ProKiosk mode with the Knox SDK

Error Code 206 - Failed to Validate the Product Key appears when APK is downloaded from Google Play Store

How to identify an Android Go or One UI Core device using the Knox SDK

Slow Firewall SDK performance when applying many URLs

Security exceptions occur when attempting to install apps

How to clear keyboard input history on a device using the Knox SDK

White bar appears after using hideSystemBar() to remove navigation bar

Knox-enabled apps crashing on some Samsung devices

Device returning incorrect MAC address

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