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Near Field Communications

This topic describes how to add support for NFC with the Knox SDK. You can control NFC globally or individually on the device / container side. The use of this API requires the caller to have the permission.

Enable NFC in container only

enableNFC() allows you to control NFC in the container.

  1. Create a Knox Container.

  2. Get the Knox container manager object.

  3. Access the getContainerConfigurationPolicy class.

  4. Call enableNFC() and set to true.

    EnterpriseKnoxManager ekm = EnterpriseKnoxManager.getInstance(context);
    KnoxContainerManager kcm = ekm.getKnoxContainerManager(containerID);
    ContainerConfigurationPolicy ccp = kcm.getContainerConfigurationPolicy();
    ccp.enableNFC(true, null);

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