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How to get the unique identifier for devices running Android 10 (Q OS) using Knox Configure


  • Knox SDK
  • Knox Configure (KC)
  • Knox devices running Android 10 and higher (Knox version 3.7+)


This article guides you through the steps to get the unique device identifier for a Samsung Knox device on Android 10 and higher using Knox Configure.

Starting from Android 10 (Q OS), a device’s unique identifier (IMEI or serial number) cannot be obtained by third-party apps due to changes made to Android’s privacy and security policies.

If you still need to retrieve a unique device identifier, you can use the custom ID information of devices uploaded to Knox Configure. Only apps deployed through Knox Configure can access this custom ID using the Knox SDK API — DeviceInventory.getKnoxServiceId

The custom ID in Knox Configure can be changed through the device details panel for each device, or in bulk.

Additional information

To read more about Knox Configure, please refer to the Knox Configure admin guide.

To read more about Knox SDK, please refer to the Knox SDK admin guide.

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