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Knox E-FOTA 24.04 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2024


Support for Virtual A/B updates

With the 24.04 release, you can now deploy virtual A/B firmware updates to the Samsung Galaxy A55 5G running Android 14 or higher. With Virtual A/B, the device will seamlessly roll back a firmware update if it fails to boot. Furthermore, firmware can be installed in separate dynamic partitions, allowing both download and installation to occur in the background, and ensuring faster reboot speeds. Support for other device models will be developed for future releases.

You can configure when the installation occurs. Once the installation is complete, the device reboots automatically.

See the Android Virtual A/B overview documentation to learn more about virtual A/B updates.

Installation scheduling for device users

With Knox E-FOTA 24.04, you can now allow devices users to schedule firmware installation on their device. Select Allow the device user to postpone installation and they can customize the schedule.

Device users can postpone installation for 1 to 24 hours. Once they schedule the installation, the next installation reminder message is displayed at this scheduled time regardless of the Period to postpone you set when you created the campaign. However, this behavior is reversed if the device user taps Remind me later.


Duplicate campaigns

Previously, you had to repetitively create similar campaigns to manage different device models, which was inconvenient.

Starting with the 24.04 release, you can duplicate an existing campaign and configure different campaigns for the different device models you assign the duplicate campaign to. When you duplicate a campaign, its name contains a copy suffix that you must then edit. All the other details of the campaign you duplicate are retained, letting you reuse campaign parameters.

You can only duplicate an active or scheduled campaign. Furthermore, duplicate campaigns aren’t assigned to any devices by default on the Create campaign page. See Create a campaign for more information on assigning a campaign to devices.

Enhancement to installation reminder display

Configuring firmware installation reminder messages to display longer than the device screen timeout would drain the battery excessively.

With Knox E-FOTA 24.04, you can now opt to Keep device on while installation reminder is displayed. Doing so ensures reminder messages are displayed for the duration of the device’s screen timeout, minimizing battery drain.

UX enhancements

Knox 24.04 also brings the following enhancements to the user experience:

  • All the pages that report the Client status now also display the client error status along with the associated status code. This additional information provides better context for errors in places other than the audit log.

  • Choose one of seven languages for your console experience. Your language selection applies to email notifications as well.

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