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Knox E-FOTA 1.38 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Privacy Policy UX improvement

Now, new end users can see the improved Privacy Policy UX based on your country in order to comply with privacy regulations.

Existing end users don’t need to re-agree with the Privacy Policy.

Web console and device app now show more device details

The Knox E-FOTA web console > Devices screen has replaced the Device Status with more detailed information:

  • Operation status: Describes the status of the device licensing and campaign sync.
  • Campaign status: Describes the status of an assigned campaign.
  • Client status: Describes the status of the Knox E-FOTA client app on the device.
  • Update status: Describes the status of a firmware update, information that is now also included in the Device Update Status dashboard and Campaign Graph.

web console device screen

Other related new features:

  • For details about the new statuses, you can hover over the status to pop up a tooltip description in the Device Update Status dashboard.
  • You can now see the total number of devices to be updated and the number that have completed their updates so far.
  • The Knox E-FOTA app on the device now shows the Client status, which is synchronized with the web console. Previously, the web console and device showed different status information.

device status

Synchronize device groups from multiple EMM instances

Previously, you could re-use device groups defined in a single EMM instance.

Now, you can connect to up to five different EMM instances, which can be of the same EMM vendor (for example, multiple on-prem servers) or different EMM vendors. The Knox E-FOTA web console identifies the different EMM instances, which you can selectively synchronize groups with, desynchronize groups with, or remove entirely.

emm groups

Synchronize Organization type groups from Knox Manage

As you might know, you can use device groups configured in your EMM to deploy Knox E-FOTA firmware updates by predefined groups. To learn more about this feature, see Managing EMM groups and Add device groups from Knox Manage.

Previously, you could re-use only User, Device, and AD/LDAP based groups from Knox Manage. Now, you can also re-use Organization groups to enable Knox E-FOTA updates for all devices.

organization type groups

Seamless integration with Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

An MSP can use the Knox Managed Service Provider program to onboard multiple Knox customers, manage their Knox services, and deploy services onto their devices. Previously, MSPs could manage only the Knox Configure and Knox Mobile Enrollment services on behalf of customers.

With this KCS 1.38 release, MSPs can now also manage Knox E-FOTA. Specifically, MSPs can:

  • Onboard new Knox E-FOTA customers on the MSP portal.

  • Migrate existing Knox E-FOTA customers to the MSP program.

  • Upgrade existing MSP customers to include the Knox E-FOTA service.

  • Manage Knox E-FOTA services on behalf of customers, including Knox E-FOTA Administrator functions.

  • Check the customer status, which can be Pending (customer hasn’t yet approved or rejected Knox E-FOTA management), Active (customer has consented), Rejected (customer has not consented).

  • Give customers view access to the Knox E-FOTA console to monitor setup.

  • Browse a log of MSP activities related to the Knox E-FOTA services.

  • Delink Knox E-FOTA from a managed customer’s Knox services.

  • Subscribe to Knox E-FOTA emails. Both the MSP and managed customer can get emails about adding and migrating customers, changing customer access levels, and removing a customer service.

SSO with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

As you might know, the Knox cloud services support Single Sign On with MS Azure AD, in addition to sign on with a Samsung Account. Previously, only Knox Configure and Knox Mobile Enrollment supported AD SSO.

With the KCS 1.38 release, Knox E-FOTA also supports AD SSO. For info about how to set up AD SSO, see Sign in with Azure AD.

single sign on

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