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Knox E-FOTA 1.30 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

For a full list of all features, visit the product page for Knox E-FOTA.

Knox Suite features in Knox E-FOTA are now available

Knox Suite is a bundled offering introduced this month that allows you to use the premium features of the following services:

  • Knox E-FOTA
  • Knox Manage
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • Knox Platform for Enterprise (through the Knox Service Plugin)

knox suite features

You can access all included Knox services with a single Knox Suite license.

The following features were added in Knox E-FOTA to support Knox Suite features:

  • The License details popup and the Licenses table now show the remaining number of seats in your license. For a Knox Suite license key, this number is calculated based on the number of seats consumed from all Knox services that use this license. When a device is enrolled in multiple Knox services under the same license key, that device only consumes 1 license seat. For example:

    • License 1 has 30 seats
    • Device A and B are enrolled in Knox Manage under License 1
    • Device B and C are enrolled in Knox E-FOTA under License 1

    In this case, you’ll see the following resulting values in the License details popup and the Licenses table:

    • Purchased: 30
    • Assigned: 2 — Because only two devices are enrolled in Knox E-FOTA
    • Remaining: 27 — Because three seats were actually consumed across all Knox services.
  • Tooltips were also added in the License details popup and the Licenses table to provide guidance on Knox Suite license usage.

    license seats remaining

    license table seats remaining

  • A user can now have up to two trial licenses in Knox E-FOTA — one for Knox Suite and one for Knox E-FOTA.

For more information on Knox Suite operations, see the Knox Suite admin guide.

Knox E-FOTA client installation through managed Google Play

Through Knox Service Plugin

You can now use the Knox Service Plugin (KSP) to remotely install the Knox E-FOTA client on your enterprise devices. Your EMM must be configured to use KSP. For more information, see Install the client app through KSP.

The Knox E-FOTA app is now available in managed Google Play.

If your EMM supports the following functionality through managed Google play, you can use managed Google Play to approve the Knox E-FOTA app, push the app to your devices, and launch the app on those devices.

  • App installation (DO)
  • Remote app launch

efota managed google play

Customizable postpone policy

Enhancements in the admin portal

In order to give device users control over firmware updates, an enhancement was made in the postpone policy of new campaigns.

When creating a campaign or a test campaign, you can now specify a postpone duration — the length of time it will take before the next firmware update reminder appears. You can also set a timer; if the user fails to act on an update reminder before the timer times out, the update is automatically installed.

Previously, the postpone duration was fixed to 30 minutes and the timer was fixed to 30 seconds. A legacy campaign (that is, a campaign created before this release) will continue to have this postpone policy. However, when you edit a legacy campaign, you are presented with the customizable postpone settings.

The new value ranges of the postpone settings are as follows:

  • Postpone duration — 1 to 24 hours
  • Auto-install timer — 5 to 60 minutes

Enhancements in the client app

The device now shows the remaining time in the timer (in seconds) before the firmware update begins. This allows the user to react (if needed) to postpone update. If they click Later, they see how long (in hours) before they’ll be reminded again.

postpone on device

Syncing with Knox Manage

A performance enhancement was made to speed up the time it takes to sync device groups between Knox E-FOTA and Knox Manage.

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