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Knox Guard 23.06 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Device-specific offline lock policy

Previously, the offline lock policy was applied account-wide, which meant it was either applied to all or none of your devices.

Starting with Knox Guard 23.06, you can now apply the offline lock policy to only selected devices instead of all of them.

PIN unlock for SIM lock policy

Knox Guard provides the option to unlock a locked device with a temporary PIN provided to the device user by an admin. The 23.06 release extends this feature to also apply to devices locked by the SIM control policy. Once unlocked with this method, a device will stay unlocked for 24 hours.

This feature enhancement helps in cases where:

  • The device user has lost their previously-allowed SIM card, so you can update the SIM lock policy and push it to their device.
  • The device user has no network connection and they can’t configure the connection as the device is locked. By unlocking the phone, they can connect to the network and receive the updated policy.

For more information, see How to unlock a device using a PIN in Knox Guard.

Knox Guard licenses in MSP portal

You can now view Knox Guard licenses and associated information on the Knox MSP Portal.

New Knox Webhook Notification APIs for Knox Guard

The previous 23.03 release introduced the Knox Webhook Notification (KWN) service, which lets you subscribe a Knox Guard event to the KWN Subscription API. Once the subscribed event is complete, KWN sends back the output of the API, thus reducing the computational load on your network.

This Knox Guard 23.06 release has added the Device Lock and Device Unlock events to the KWN service. See the Knox Webhook Notification for Knox Guard guide for detailed information.

IP address available for access log

The IP address access log is now available for download as a CSV file from the Activity log.

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