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Knox Guard 22.09 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

SIM policy improvements

Previously, a new policy could be created using the same settings as an existing one. This oversight could lead to confusion, as there could be multiple policies which provided identical behavior. In addition, deleting an existing policy wasn’t possible.

Knox Guard 22.08 closes these gaps in policy management by allowing you to:

  • Check for policy settings duplication. If an old policy with the same settings is detected, an error message is shown.
  • Delete obsolete polices that aren’t applied to any devices.

See SIM control for more information.

Total number of devices for bulk notificaiton increased

Previously, the maximum number of devices that could be sent a bulk notification at once was 10,000. With the 22.08 release, this limit is increased to 50,000.

See Send overdue notifications in bulk for more information.

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