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Knox E-FOTA 23.09 release notes

Last updated September 6th, 2023

Improvements to gradual campaign rollout

Starting with the 23.09 release, you can gradually roll out a campaign to newly assigned devices without causing a reset to the rollout start date of devices that were already assigned the campaign. Doing so will reduce friction when you grow your device fleet, by preventing any delay in pushing firmware updates.

Changes to the rollout rate, target firmware version, or campaign status will reset the rollout start date of all assigned devices.

Prevent firmware update when pinned app is running

Previously, an actively running pinned app blocked the device user from launching the E-FOTA client app. Furthermore, the pinned app triggered a Turn on Pin windows notification that blocked firmware installation reminders from the E-FOTA client app, creating an inconvenient experience.

With the 23.09 release, by default, firmware updates no longer apply to the device when it’s currently focused on a pinned app, which blocks notifications from the E-FOTA client app. You can allow firmware updates even when a pinned app is focused by adding the E-FOTA client app to the list of allowed apps for lock task mode — which is responsible for Kiosk mode and app pinning — through your EMM.

Screen pinning is a native Android feature for device users that was added with Android 11. See Pin & unpin screens in Android Help for more background information.

Console enhancements

Knox E-FOTA 23.09 brings several enhancements to the following pages on the Knox E-FOTA console:

Page name Enhancements
Create campaign
  • The Battery level for installation list is now a field that allows you to enter a value. The battery level is set at 20% by default and takes a value between 20% and 80% in increments of 5%, rounded to the nearest multiple of 5.
  • The Postpone duration field is now renamed to Period to postpone with an improved tooltip description.
  • You can sort the campaign list by campaign name.
  • Sub-fields are now better spaced and indented.
  • You can sort and filter the device list by campaign name, license, and security patch.
  • Sub-fields on the Approve new upload dialog on the Devices page are now better spaced and indented.

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