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Postpone installation option after 24.04 release

Last updated June 25th, 2024



  • Knox E-FOTA


A new UX for the Postpone Installation campaign setting was introduced in Knox E-FOTA 24.04. As a result, If you previously enabled the feature prior to 24.04, you’ll have to re-enable the feature once again using the new method.

Before 24.04 release:

Previously, if you entered a Times allowed to postpone value, this would also enable the Postpone installation feature.

The Postpone installation option prior E-FOTA 24.04

After 24.04 release:

From 24.04 onwards, you’ll have to select Allow device user to postpone installation if you want to enable this feature.

The Postpone installation option after E-FOTA 24.04

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