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Knox SDK 3.2 release notes

Last updated March 6th, 2024

August 2018

Knox SDK 3.2 introduces a variety of new features and capabilities for users and developers. This page highlights release notes for developers.

New API overview

DeX management APIs

DeX management APIs allow you to increase productivity and decrease costs by using your Samsung Device to switch to a PC like environment with ease.

setHomeAlignment — This API allows IT Admins to modify the way apps are aligned in DeX mode. For example, you can align apps in a preferred order. This is perfect for organizations that want to set up numerous identical workstations throughout their organization.

addURLShortcut) — This API allows IT Admins to add a browser shortcut with a specific URL on the DeX home screen. This is useful for enterprises that require users to access a URL frequently — for example, an internal Intranet network. A customized icon can also be displayed.

Connection APIs

In many situations, IT Admins may need to completely disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and not just prevent the user from toggling it on or off. This can now be done with: allowBLE and allowWifiScanning. This can increase security by preventing any malicious Bluetooth or Wi-Fi attacks from remotely trigging these services usingbackground usage.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi background scanning : Use allowWifiScanning() to completely turn off Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi background scanning.

  • Turn off Bluetooth background scanning : Use allowBLE() to completely turn off Bluetooth and Bluetooth scanning.

These options are shown in the settings screen below.

knox ecosystem

Enhancement APIs


The updated ProKiosk Manager API lets you enable ProKiosk Mode without having to reboot the device. This saves IT Admins time when they have to set-up Prokiosk mode on a large batch of devices.

Rich communication services (RCS) message capture API

RCS messaging is a new messaging protocol which is replaces SMS as the default messaging platform for carriers. It adds much needed features — such as group messages — and allows users to send more types of media. All of this is done over data instead of cellular network, making it very similar to current IM apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Knox 3.2 allows IT Admins to capture and record RCS messages (including attachable multimedia files). For many industries, such as the financial services, the ability to record and audit sent and received messages is required by law.

GetRCSMessage allows IT Admins to:

  • Start RSC capture
  • Stop RSC capture

UCM SDK merged to Knox SDK

As of Knox 3.2, The UCM SDK will be merged into the Knox SDK. New permissions are defined to streamline the license activation flow and make using both products easier. Vendors need to implement their UCM app with these new permissions, but do not have to change any APIs.

New UCM permissions All the UCM features will be granted with this new UCM permission(KNOX_UCM_MGMT)

For more information

To learn more about the Knox SDK, check out these resources:

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