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Knox SDK 3.1 release notes

Last updated March 6th, 2024

March 2018

DeX management APIs

Samsung DeX is a revolutionary new technology that allows users to transform their mobile devices into powerful enterprise desktop machines with a simple docking station. As DeX becomes more popular among enterprises, there is growing urgency to provide IT admins with the same degree of granular management policies available for Samsung devices as a whole. For the 3.1 release, the Knox team is providing the following DeX-specific management APIs:

Add or remove app shortcuts

This feature allows enterprises to provide even more distinctly different mobile and desktop home screen differences.

Change the Dex loading screen

Devices play a default animation while launching in DeX mode. Knox 3.1 provides APIs that allow you to add images and other branding assets to replace default Dex loading logo. Create a more customized user experience with this new DeX feature.

Control screen timeout settings

The Knox SDK provides you with the flexibility to balance security concerns with convenience. You can set a screen timeout that ranges from seconds to weeks depending on your enterprise security policies.

Enforce Ethernet data connection

This feature ensures that users are running certain productivity apps using a secure Ethernet connection by preventing them from connecting to mobile data or Wi-Fi while in DeX mode.

Prevent certain apps from running in DeX

Disable personal apps, such as social media and games, while the device is in DeX mode. These APIs don’t affect devices after they’ve been disconnected from the DeX station. For more detailed information regarding these new APIs, including requirements and sample code, see the Knox SDK Developer Guide and Knox SDK API reference.

If you want to prevent DeX mode in an enterprise setting, you also easily disable DeX with the Knox SDK.

App Permission Monitor updates

App Permission Monitor is a feature enabled by default that alerts end users when apps attempt to access a predefined permission while running in the background.

The Knox 3.1 SDK includes two new management features for the App Permission Monitor.

Enable and disable access to App Permission Monitor

By design, enterprise apps may need to constantly access certain sensitive permissions while running in the background. For the peace of mind of your users, you may want to disable App Permission Monitor.

If you want to ensure that users are conscious of apps which may be requesting device permissions while running in the background, you can also enable access to this feature.

Add or Remove specific apps from the App Permission monitor list

For security and compliance purposes, your enterprise apps may request access to permissions such as location while running in the background. For example, your app may include a geofencing feature that prevents users from using the camera while at the office. You may want to remove enterprise apps from the monitor list to distinguish them from potentially harmful third-party apps that are requesting the same types of permissions while running in the background.

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