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Known Android 10 issues about Remote Desktop and Remote Injection


Customers using a solution that supports remote screen capturing and control have reported a number of functional issues on Android 10 devices.

A summary of these issues are listed below.

Known Remote Control and Remote Injection issues with Q OS / Android 10

  • Remote Key Injection is not mapping to the screen correctly in Landscape, or when RemoteDesktop screen resolution changes in Portrait.
  • Remote Screen Capture is distorted.
  • Remote Screen Capture is blank.

Devices impacted

Q OS models


The Samsung Knox team has implemented a fix for all the issues listed above in upcoming Android 10 software release updates. For more details, please contact Samsung Knox Support.


To avoid the above issues with Remote Screen Capture, follow the steps below. Note that this workaround does not address the Remote Injection issue.

  1. Lock the device’s screen in Portrait mode.
  2. Start the Remote Capture session.
  3. Unlock the screen orientation and rotate it to Landscape mode.

The screen capture session then functions correctly in Landscape mode.

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