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How to identify an Android Go or One UI Core device using the Knox SDK


  • Knox SDK
  • Android Go or One UI Core devices


While most Samsung devices support the Knox platform and its solutions, some Samsung devices run Android Go or One UI Core and may not be compatible with Knox solutions. While you can look up your device model on the Devices Secured by Knox page to determine which operating system it supports, this knowledge base article describes some methods you can use to identify Android Go or One UI Core devices programmatically.

How can I use the Knox SDK to identify an Android Go or One UI Core device?

You can use the methods listed below to programmatically identify your Android Go and One UI Core devices:

Android Go

For Android Go devices, use isLowRamDevice(). While this API is not exclusively used to identify Android Go devices, all Android Go devices should return true when it is called.

One UI Core

For One UI Core devices, the steps differ based on your device’s OS version:

  • Android 10 and abovegetAPILevel() has been refactored to return ‘-1’ on non-supported devices
  • Android 9 and belowhasSystemFeature("") can be used as a workaround.

Additional information

For a list of all Samsung devices supporting Android Go or One UI Core, see Devices Secured by Knox.

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