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How to hide or disable device settings and default apps to create a restricted UI


  • Knox SDK


This article specifies useful API methods that help hide or disable certain device settings and default apps when creating a restricted UI.

How to hide elements in device settings

To hide elements in the device’s settings, call SettingsManager.setSettingsHiddenState().

The elements that can be hidden include:

  • Applications
  • Backup
  • Backup and reset
  • Bluetooth
  • Developer
  • Flight mode
  • Language
  • Location
  • Lock screen
  • Reset
  • Users
  • Wi-Fi

How to hide the biometric authentication option

To hide the biometric authentication option, call PasswordPolicy.setBiometricAuthenticationEnabled().

How to disable an application

To disable an application without uninstalling it, call ApplicationPolicy.setDisableApplication().

You can also disable an app component using ApplicationPolicy.setApplicationComponentState().

How to block the power and volume buttons from accessing the settings

The device settings menu can be accessed in the following situations:

  • The device user holds the power button, then taps Side key settings.
  • The device user presses the volume button, then opens the volume settings.

To prevent device users from accessing device settings through the power and volume buttons, call ApplicationPolicy.setApplicationComponentState() using the following component names:

Component ComponentName
Volume "", "$SecVolumeSettingsActivity"
Power "", "$FunctionKeySettingsActivity"

Additional information

Refer to the Knox SDK API reference for further details.

To learn more about Knox SDK, refer to About the Knox SDK.

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