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Error Code 206 — Failed to Validate the Product Key appears when APK is downloaded from Google Play Store


  • Knox SDK
  • Knox 2.7 and higher


If you upload an APK to the Knox Partner Program before uploading it to the Google Play Store, downloading it from the Play Store results in the KPE license activation failing with the below error:

Error Details --- Failed to Validate the Product Key / Error Code 206

If the same APK is loaded directly onto the device, the error does not occur.


When binding an APK with a license key, the public hash key value is changed and registered with the package name. After the registration occurs, only APKs with the same package name and signature can activate the license.

Upon submitting a signed APK to the Knox Partner Program, a signature for the KPE license is generated. If app signing is also enabled in the Google Play Store, any APKs you upload to Google Play have their public hash key values changed again, causing a signature mismatch during KPE activation.


There are two ways to resolve the signature mismatch:

Select “APK” when generating an app bundle in Android Studio

When building your app bundle in Android Studio, select APK instead of Android App Bundle. To learn more about the Android App Bundle and APK options, see the Android Studio user guide.

Opt-out of Google Play app signing

For steps on how to opt out of Google Play app signing, refer to the Android Developers documentation.

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