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Knox Guard 22.05 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Options for Relock reminder configuration

Previously, relock reminders always gave device users the option to call support.

To better accommodate enterprises that don’t need that option in their support strategy, starting with KG 22.05 you can now define granular settings for relock reminders and specify whether to provide device users the option to call a support phone number or launch a support app.

SIM control policy enhancement

Devices with a dual SIM card configuration can now use restricted features as long as one of the SIM cards is allowed. To enable this behavior, use the new Minimum restriction setting in the SIM control policy. If both SIM cards are blocked, they are restricted according to the control policy, as before.

The new IMSI Lock menu and how to use it

Bulk query for detailed information

Starting with KG 22.05, you can search for devices in bulk and get the device information of each IMEI or serial number at once. The device information can be downloadable as a CSV file.

Bulk device query

Firmware information in Customize device table

The firmware version of a device is added to the Customize table on the Device tab. This information is available for download as a CSV file.

Previously, there was an issue when searching for devices with 14-digit IMEIs by entering a 15-digit IMEI. The proper device wouldn’t appear in the query when entering a 15-digit IMEI.

As of Knox Guard 22.05, regardless of whether a device is registered with a 14- or 15-digit IMEI, you can search for it with a 14- or 15-digit query and return the correct device in the results.

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