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Knox Guard 21.09 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

MSP Support for KG Customers

Customers can register as MSP and manage multiple Knox Guard tenants from the MSP portal, which helps streamline the overall KG tenant operations. MSP can also create new KG tenants or migrate any existing customer’s tenants and manage it from the MSP portal efficiently.

Relock reminder feature for PAYG tenant

IT admins can send a reminder message to device users regarding Timestamp expiry or to request payment prior to a device lock. These reminders are available for Activating and Active devices.

NOTE — This particular feature requires additional permissions and is available for PAYG type of license only.

SIM policy applied information is available on CSV file

The downloadable CSV file (from Device > Actions > Download devices as CSV ) now contains SIM policy information for customers to see which devices have SIM policies applied.

Provide more information of Device Status-Active/Lock

A new device status was added to provide customers additional information about devices. The new status is Active | Locked. This Active | Locked status indicates the device is locked due to the Relock time being passed. This feature is only applicable to PAYG tenants where the device status information is provided either using the device table or a CSV file.

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