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Knox Guard 20.09 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Auto launch of app installation

This enhancement addresses customers who are installing an app via KG, and want to auto-launch the app when the device is initially booted after app install. For more details on the feature, see ‘Advanced controls’ section in Manage default policies.

With this release, an option has been added to the App installation screen enabling an app to optionally launch automatically after installation so device users can use the app immediately. The app auto launches only at initial enrollment and factory reset.

Localized device information

Some Knox Guard supported countries use multiple languages. As a result, some customers want to send both customized and lock messages in the same language as the device language setting.

With this release, a customer can obtain language info using the Knox Guard REST API (Get Device Info). Using the API, a customer can know the language utilization of the device. Once determined, the customer can send a message in multiple languages corresponding to the end-user device language. This feature is also supported on pay-as-you-go devices since it doesn’t have any dependency on the KG service type.

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