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Knox Guard 20.02 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

New email management

To date, a KG admin may receive too many emails when uploading devices, accepting devices, or deleting devices. Consequently, their computer may be unable to receive important system emails because their email inbox is full.

To address this issue, admins (including super admins) can now choose to receive system generated emails themselves for a specific group of system generated events. For more information on where to locate this setting, go to About the dashboard.

Increased length of overdue and default lock screen messages

Customers expressed the need to submit specific messages in several languages, and the 250 character maximum message length has proven inadequate in such instances. To address this request, the following notification and message length increases are implemented:

  • Default overdue notification message length — Increase to 500 characters
  • Default lock screen message length — Increase to 350 characters

Console search capability improvements

Recently the KG team has been fielding reports from customers stating it takes too long to search for devices using a partial search for approval ID from the KG console. As more devices are added into KG the search latency increases proportionally.

Going forward, only a full search will be supported of a device’s IMEI or approval ID. The expectation is device searches should now only take approximately one second.

Going forward, each emails sent from either KG or the KG Samsung console will have a copyright notice appended to the footer of the email. This requirement is based on a recent review requiring a copyright be appended to KG emails for legal compliance.

Role deletion now permitted for all admin states other than active

This feature addresses IT admin requests to delete a Knox Guard admin role with a pending, revoked or blocked state (any state but active). Prior to the role deletion, a message displays the intended admins impacted by the role deletion. Existing administrators assigned to the target role must be re-assigned to another role before the deletion can proceed. For more information on where to locate this setting, see Delete a role.

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