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Knox Guard 1.24 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Dashboard statistic and visualization enhancements

With this release, the Knox Guard Dashboard has been enhanced with a new DEVICE TRENDS graph. The Device Trends graph displays Knox Guard event status for a selectable trending period.

Additionally, a new Locked Device Types graph provides a breakdown of the various device lock types occurring for currently locked devices during a selected trending period. The various lock types trended include Default locked, Offline locked, and SIM control locked. For more information on the Knox Guard Dashboard, go to: Dashboard.

CSV file enhancements

To date, duplicate IMEIs display within a Knox Guard generated CSV file. These duplicate IMEIs can bloat the size of the file and skew the data in the file unnecessarily.

To remedy this situation, a shell script command is now run against the CSV file. The command keeps the initial response of the device IMEI within the file and removed subsequent duplicates. With duplicate entries removed, the file is generated faster, and is more beneficial to administrators trending actual device behavior.

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