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Knox Guard 1.20 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

SIM card swap enhancements

To date, customers are unsure whether Knox Guard is working as intended in respect to SIM card swaps and SIM swap data reporting. In particular, how many device users have attempted to swap their SIM card. With this release, SIM card change attempts can be logged and sent to the Knox Guard Server to provide greater visibility into potential device rooting events.

To implement this enhancement, the Knox Guard Devices page has filter options added within the IMEI/SN column to select SIM Control enabled and/or SIM change attempts detected

Additionally, a SIM card policy icon is added indicating when a SIM card change attempt is detected. A pop-up will display when hovering over the icon describing the SIM card change attempt in greater detail.

Limitation added to administrator invitation role assignments

To avoid the further escalation of Knox Guard administrative roles and permissions issues, an existing admin who does not have a manage roles permission requires additional restrictions regarding the roles they can assign to other administrators.

With this release, existing administrators without a manage role permission can only invite admins with a matching set of their own role permissions. As a result, the Invite administrator screen’s Role drop-down menu choices have been customized for the particular role of the admin creating the invitation.

With this release, a properly formatted URL (http://www…) can be now included in the device preview image text defined for either an overdue payment notification or blink reminder. When the device user taps the URL hyperlink, it opens the relevant Web page within the device browser. The addition of the URL is optional, but could be of great assistance to subscribers who want to make device user payment queries as seamless as possible for their customers.

Dashboard statistics and visualization enhancements

With this release the Knox Guard Dashboard has been updated to provide action success/fail rates and a License overview. Device SIM card changes are also displayed to provide greater visibility into potential; device rooting attempts. Hover over actions are also supported for more granular trending information.

Visualize KG statistics

Each of these Dashboard enhancements has its own trending period drop-down menu as well as the ability to save graph content to a CSV or excel file for archive.

Customizable SIM messages

Currently, a SIM change message is only supported in English, and the system defined message cannot be translated into other languages. Consequently, non-English customers cannot adequately protect against cheating and the resell of a device to a 2nd buyer when an installment balance is remaining.

To remedy this issue, a customizable SIM change notification is now displayed with every SIM change to help deter an unauthorized secondary device sale.

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