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Tutorial - Upgrade Android Work Profile to Knox Workspace

This tutorial teaches you how to set up an Android Work Profile and activate a Knox license to use premium Knox features with the Work Profile.

You will learn how to

  • Create a Android Work Profile on a Samsung Knox Device
  • Get a Knox License Key
  • Upgrade the Android Work Profile to a the Knox Workspace container
  • Call a Knox Workspace API

What you will need

  1. The Knox 3.x SDK
  2. Android Studio (or another IDE)
  3. The complete source code for this tutorial
  4. A Samsung Knox device running Android O to test with


  1. You have set up your Android Environment
  2. You have set up the Knox SDK
  3. You have generated a Knox 3.0 License key

App walk-through

This app:

  1. Creates a managed Android Profile on your device through the CREATE MANAGED PROFILE button.

  2. Activates a Knox License through the ACTIVATE LICENSE button.

    After the Android profile is created, you use a Knox license key (KLM) to upgrade the container to a Knox Workspace. You know you are using a Knox Workspace container if the icon badge is a shield instead of a briefcase.

  3. Toggles a policy to enable / disable the camera thorough the TOGGLE CONTAINER CAMERA policy. We will use the following permissions:

Tutorial progress

You’ve completed 1/7 steps!


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