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Knox Guard 23.03 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Update to supported Android versions

In accordance with our updated Android support plan, the minimum supported version for Android devices registered in Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage, Knox E-FOTA, Knox Configure, and Knox Deployment app have each rolled forward. To review the minimum version on a product-by-product basis, see Policy update on Knox supported versions.

Simplified registration for and access to Knox cloud services

The registration and access flows for Knox cloud services are streamlined. The My Knox dashboard is retired, and you can now sign in to the Knox Admin Portal directly and manage your Knox services, including Knox Guard. After you sign in to the Knox Admin Portal, you can operate Knox Guard right away. If you’d like to display or register for additional Knox services, click your account icon > Settings > Show/hide services.

If you are an existing Knox Guard customer who also uses Knox cloud services on the Knox Admin Portal, Knox Guard will be hidden from the navigation pane by default. Go to the Show/hide services page to add it back.

Knox Guard Advanced

Knox Guard 23.03 offers a new license, called Knox Guard Advanced, which provides value-added features on top of existing Knox Guard features. For this release, you can install up to five apps on the devices, compared to just one possible earlier.

Generate PIN for deleted devices using API

Knox Guard 23.03 offers a new API to create PIN for deleted devices to help device users unlock their devices. The API calls involved in generating PIN locks are:

New Knox Webhook Notification APIs for Knox Guard

Previously, Knox cloud APIs had to be called repeatedly to get updated device information. Making a large number of serial Knox cloud API calls sometimes resulted in slow performance.

The 23.03 release introduces Knox Webhook Notification, which lets you subscribe a Knox Guard event to the KWN Subscription API. Once a subscribed event is complete, KWN sends back the output of the API. With this new service, you can now receive a notification on your web service as soon as the subscribed event is processed

The Knox Guard webhook events available with the 23.03 release are Device Enrollment and Device Relock Timestamping. See the Knox Webhook Notification for Knox Guard guide for detailed information.

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