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Knox Guard 22.03 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Improvements to device lock based on IMSI change

A new IMSI Lock menu is available under the SIM control page. This feature allows customers to enable or disable IMSI policies regardless of whether MCC/MNC information is provided. This feature is implemented in the case where the IMSI is changed after a different SIM card is inserted into the device.

The new IMSI Lock menu and how to use it

Knox Guard console dashboard improvements

The Knox Guard dashboard now includes more granular device state information to provide device details at a glance.

For Normal devices:

  1. A new Offline locked device state is available in the Attention section.
  2. Click Offline locked from the dashboard to see a list of devices with that status.

For Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) devices:

  1. The following statuses are listed for each device:

    • Attention — Active | Locked

    • In progress — Activating, Resetting, Completing

  2. Next to each status, the number of devices with that status is displayed.

    Status displayed

    Status details

Updates to Knox Guard menu labels

To support more use cases, the menu labels on the Knox Guard portal now use more general terms. For example, Default lock screen now displays as Lock screen.

Bulk customization notifications

Customers can now send messages to device users both individually and in bulk. Messages can be customized to display a different message per device. This feature is also available through an API operation — /kcs/v1.1/kg/devices/customMessageAsync.

The updated flow for sending notifications, which now includes a SEND CUSTOM MESSAGES choice

Device lock and wipe

For missing or stolen devices, IT admins can lock and wipe the contents of the device through Actions > Wipe out. The device wipes as soon as it connects to a server. This action is irreversible.


To use this feature, the Wipe devices permission is required. This feature only applies to B2B users.

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