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Knox Guard 21.11 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Configure multi-SIM policy in single tenant

The changes for this upcoming release allow for the configuration of multiple SIM policies:

In the current implementation, a configured SIM policy must apply to the device once an admin has Enabled it. The applied policy will be the same for all devices with the enabled SIM policy.

Device users can configure multiple SIM policies (max 5). For example, SIM policy 1 could apply to device 1 by the Enable SIM policy function. Another SIM policy 2 could apply to device 2. Device 1 and device 2 would then receive different SIM policies.

Change the default duration of Offline lock

IT admins can specify how long a device can stay offline before it automatically locks. For the default setting, the value is set to 30 days.

The date range for configurable offline days before a device locks has been changed from 15-200 days to 3-200 days.

Improved KG notifications

To align with existing Knox cloud service solutions and improve the visibility of portal messages/responses, a new Notification Centre has been implemented on KG.

The Messaging tab on the KG portal has been replaced with a Notification Centre.

Updated notification title

If a customer’s company name is too long, the displayed notification title will shorten from

Notice from company name


Company name.

Filtering devices with updateTime

Customers can now request devices that have been changed after a specific time frame and KG will only return the devices that match the condition:

POST /kcs/v1.1/kg/devices/list

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