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Knox Guard 20.06 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Trial to commercial license conversion enhancements

To date, customers have been able to use trial licenses as needed to test their commercial devices in SLM, but commercial license conversion remains problematic.

Going forward, trial licenses can now be converted to KG commercial licenses in SLM with greater ease. Additionally, trail to commercial license conversion is now reflected in the KG console, along with the new 3 to 12-month activation period for the commercial license.

Device status enhancements

With this release, the Knox Guard device state flow has been changed to reduce limitations with any particular Knox Guard status state and enable admins to navigate seamlessly as events progress within the Knox Guard lifecycle.

In particular, the Overdue status state and its related information have been removed. This will help reduce customer confusion and communication overhead by eliminating a largely unused device state.

Additionally, when a blink reminder is initiated for a payment delinquent device, an admin can now move directly to locking the device without releasing the blink reminder state. This helps reduce administration time by eliminating the need to place the device in an active state prior to initiating a device lock.

For more information on Knox Guard status states, go to: Knox Guard status flow.

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