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Knox Guard 1.25 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Activity log updates for administrative roles

With this release, the activity log has been enhanced to provide a broader range of Knox Guard administrative event changes. These administration events include, administrator invitations, administrator modifications, resent/reactivated/revoked invitations, and deactivated/reactivated accounts.

Performance enhancements for console searches

Currently, it takes too long to search device IMEIs, serial numbers and approval IDs within Knox Guard Devices screen, since only a single query can be made at one time for a device search parameter.

To address this shortcoming, the Knox Guard console now permits more granular searches based on the IMEI&SN, or ApprovalID selected as the search parameter.

This update will increase search response time and improve performance.

View only permissions added

This KCS enhancement addresses customer requests to assign an administrator view only permissions.

Once assigned, no profile configuration, device management, license, or reseller administration is permitted, just view only access.

When a View only radio button is selected, all nested options under that category (Devices and Uploads, Policies, Licenses, etc.) are disabled. Additionally, if a radio button has nested options and that category does not have View only selected, at least one of its permission checkboxes must also be selected. New roles have View only enabled by default.

Added IMEI number to lock screen email

To date, when a customer has locked the device of a delinquent user, the user sends an email from their Locked screen to their Customer Support. However, the IMEI has already been used to upload/enroll the device, and the customer cannot identify the Serial Number and are unable to locate the device within the Knox Guard console.

To remedy this issue, an additional IMEI field has been added to the email sent to Customer Support. Going forward, when a customer receives an email from a locked device user they should be able to view the IMEI of the device for easier reference and identification.

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