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Knox Guard 1.21 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Special characters now allowed in phone number fields

With this enhancement, special characters (*) and spaces are now permitted within the Knox Guard console. This update is applied everywhere a phone number is input within the Knox Guard console (enrollment notice, SIM card change, blink reminder, overdue notification , SIM control lock screen, Offline device lock screen, etc.).

Enrollment notice displayable after each device reboot

To prevent a device from being manipulated and resold during the Knox Guard installment management period, a notification that KG is enrolled on the device will now display during each reboot.

Prevent device reboot notification

Similar to SIM event notifications, a customizable message can be enabled (its off by default), composed, and displayed after each device reboot stating the device is enrolled in a service plan.

The display of this message is intended to help deter the resale of a device to an unwitting 2nd party.

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