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Knox Guard 1.9 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

License count and utilization enhancements

This enhancement enables the console to only display 100% of the total ad remaining license seats available, as opposed to 110% of the seats available, which contributed to confusion over the actual number available for both total and remaining license seats.

Additionally, the number of assigned licenses now displays in red when the count exceeds 100% of the assigned allocation to more efficiently display and differentiate and exceeded allocation. The red exceeded license display is also accompanied by a pop-up message stating the license seat limit has been exceeded, and to contact your reseller to purchase more license seats to regain compliance.

License usability console improvements

Currently, the status and expiration date displayed in the console’s License menu do not adequately reflect the service period. Consequently, the license activation display requires an update to be meaningful in respect to the actual license activation and license seat consumption.

To remedy this issue, and reduce uncertainty with Knox Guard’s service license concept, the console’s License screen will be updated display additional information about the license’s activation, service period, and expiration date.

Additionally, a new tool-tip is included to inform administrators the license expiration date is predicated on the actual license activation date. The Device screen is also updated to show the expiration date for each device utilizing the license, and the Device Details screen reflects a particular device’s license activation date.

Improved license consumption messaging

When a Knox Guard admin enters a commercial license key, they need to informed of the new KCS license exhaustion policy. To address this issue, the KCS team has added an explanation to prevent mistakes using a commercial/trial license.

The new message will state that if you enter a commercial key and use it for commercial purposes, you should delete the trial key used as a test first. If the Trial key remains or is newly added, that the trial key is exhausted first.

Dashboard visualization improvements

With this release, license status and consumption trending can be customized from the console’s Dashboard for more efficient license availability assessment.

SIM control notification customizations

This feature addresses customer requests to send a customizable device notification message when an approved SIM is removed from a Knox Guard managed device. The message is intended to notify the device user their SIM cannot be detected, or is from an unsupported service provider and requires a different SIM. To address this request, the console UX has been updated to allow an admin to provide a customized message from the SIM control lock screen.

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