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Knox Guard 1.1 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Activity log

Knox Guard administrators can now refer to a new Activity Log to assess Knox Guard subscription events, including when they occurred, the impacted Knox Guard administrators, event category, action type, and description. The activity log trending period is user configurable to either increase or decrease the length of time configuration activities are fetched from the present time

Knox Guard console enhancements

New Knox Guard console enhancements provide the following functionality and benefits:

  • New Resellers screen allows admins to register Samsung-approved resellers so Samsung can verify their device ownership and assist in preventing erroneous enrollments. You can also edit reseller device approval preferences or delete a reseller from the list available in the Knox Guard console.
  • Manage Administrators as new admin accounts and their permissions require, or revise the account privileges of an existing administrator.
  • Manage Default settings for enrollment notices, device lock settings, blink reminders, subscription overdue notifications, and EULA agreements.

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