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Upload a device through Knox Guard Portal

Last updated July 26th, 2023



This Knowledge Base article provides details on Knox Guard’s Upload Devices feature.

This is another method to upload a device to Knox Guard. Devices can also be uploaded via Reseller or Knox Deployment App.

Why this method of device upload?

This method of uploading devices is useful for Financial Institutions to implement Knox Guard. These financial institutions do not function as resellers and are not part of a device channel. For such customers, Knox Guard has provided a method to upload devices without depending on a Reseller.

Uploading a device to Knox Guard

File format

Devices can be uploaded using the IMEI or Serial number of the device as an identifier. The devices have to be uploaded as a file in .csv,.xls, or .xlsx format. The file should contain one IMEI/Serial Number per line. Up to 10,000 devices can be uploaded in one file.

First time device upload

  • Under the Devices tab, Select Upload Devices.

  • In the Upload devices screen, upload the device file in the above mentioned format.

  • You can also select the option to:

    • Automatically accept all devices — Device will be uploaded in Activating state. Approval ID can be added manually or through Bulk Accept option.

    • Edit Enrolment Notice — Enrolment notification message appears on the user device after successful enrolment of the device. Message can be edited before upload.

    • Enable/Disable EULA.

  • Select Confirm.

  • IMEIs can be viewed in the Devices tab.

  • In case of Failure, the error details can be viewed in the Activity Log tab

Subsequent device uploads

  • Device Upload option is available under Actions in the Devices tab.

  • Devices can also be uploaded through Bulk Actions tab under Upload Devices.

Enable upload devices option in Knox Guard

Please reach out to your local Samsung Knox Guard Administrator to enable this feature for your Knox Guard tenant.

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