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How to unlock a device using a PIN in Knox Guard

Last updated July 26th, 2023



This article provides details on Knox Guard (KG)’s PIN Unlock feature using PIN, and guides you through the steps on how to generate an unlock PIN from your KG console.

What is Knox Guard’s PIN Unlock, and when can I use it?

PIN Unlock allows you to unlock a device managed by KG without requiring an Internet connection. If you provide a user with a PIN, they can unlock their device by entering it on the KG lock screen.

You might want to use PIN Unlock in the following situations:

  • The device is locked due to missed payments and does not have an Internet connection ( Device Status shows as Locked ).

  • A Blinking Reminder is active on the device and cannot be removed as it is not connected to the Internet ( Device Status shows as Reminder ON ).

  • The device is locked because it was offline for the configured period of time ( Device status shows as Offline with the PIN option).

How do I get an unlock PIN from the Knox Guard console?

The user must first provide you with the device passkey found on their lock or Blinking Reminder screen. Verify that their payment was successful, then generate the unique 8-digit PIN:

  1. In the Devices tab of your KG console, find the device you want to unlock.

  2. In the Device Status column, select the PIN icon.

  3. In the pop-up window, enter the device passkey, then select the checkbox to confirm payment.

An 8-digit PIN is shown, which you can instruct the user to enter on their device’s lock screen to unlock it.

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