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About Knox Guard’s Mobile Number (IMSI) Lock Policy

Last updated July 26th, 2023



This knowledge base article provides a general overview of Knox Guard’s Mobile Number (IMSI) Lock Policy, and answers some commonly-asked questions about this feature.

What is Knox Guard and its Mobile Number (IMSI) Lock Policy?

Knox Guard is a cloud-based service that allows carriers/financial institutions to remotely control and lock Samsung devices to reduce financial risks while running installment plans.

Mobile Number (IMSI) Lock Policy provides controllability to lock the device if a non-designated mobile number (IMSI) SIM card is inserted. This helps to demotivate end-user’s fraudulent resale of device.

This feature is especially important for operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), as the cost of their devices can be subsidized while ensuring that end users cannot use other Mobile Numbers with them, including from the same carrier.

Mobile Number (IMSI) Lock Policy is the only viable effective way to prevent illegally selling a device under their finance program.

How does Knox Guard’s Mobile Number (IMSI) Lock Policy work?

Using Knox Guard, you first need to configure a SIM Control policy by specifying MCC and MNC (more info in this article ).

Then you can choose “Turn on mobile number (IMSI) lock” as an option to Lock the Device.

Once Mobile Number (IMSI) Lock Policy is configured, Knox Guard will continuously check for SIM cards that violate the policy. As long as there is an authorized SIM Card inserted in the device (Authorized Carrier or Mobile Number), the device will not be restricted/locked, which includes single SIM or dual SIM models. On the other hand, when KG detects that there is no one authorized SIM Card inserted, then it applies the restriction/lock.

It is possible to customize the message displayed on the lock screen, per example when a not allowed SIM is used.

To enable/disable Mobile Number (IMSI) Lock, access Knox Guard’s console option: Go to Devices > Select devices > Actions > Manage policy > Enable/ Disable SIM Control.

Can Knox Guard detect when a user changes his SIM Card even with another SIM Card from the same carrier?

Yes. Knox Guard offers device logs, which allow you to check if the SIM card was changed or replaced.

How can I enable the Mobile Number (IMSI) Lock Policy in my Knox Guard console?

Currently, the Mobile Number (IMSI) Lock Policy is an optional feature of Knox Guard. Please contact your local Samsung Knox Guard administrator to enable it on your account.

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