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About Knox Guard’s Application Installation policy

Last updated July 26th, 2023



This knowledge base article provides details on Knox Guard’s (KG) Application Installation policy, including how it works and how to enable it in your KG console.

What is Knox Guard’s Application Installation policy?

With the KCS 1.30 release, KG now offers a policy that lets an organization install an application on a user’s device for payment and other membership services. This application can be accessed by selecting Advanced support methods on the lock screen that appears when KG locks a device.


Ensure you define your application’s activity when the device is locked, otherwise it cannot be launched from the lock screen.

This policy allows users to make payments when their devices are locked and they have no alternative payment methods.

How does Knox Guard’s Application Installation policy work?

You can configure the Application Installation policy from your KG console. To apply the policy, go to Policies > Application installation, then upload an APK file less than 100 MB in size.

To make your uploaded application available on the lock screen, you must also configure the default lock screen policy. In the lock screen policy, select Advanced support methods > Make an application available. Then, set the following parameters:

  • Application package name : Enter the package name of the application you uploaded in the Application Installation policy.

  • Application signature: Enter the signature of the application you uploaded in the Application Installation policy. It must contain at least two segments (one or more dots). You can also select Import APK information to auto-fill the package information.

How do I enable Application Installation Policy on my Knox Guard account?

Currently, the Application Installation policy is an optional feature in Knox Guard. Please contact your local Samsung Knox Guard administrator to enable it on your account.

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