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Knox Asset Intelligence 23.06 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

The 23.06 release of Knox Asset Intelligence introduces the following changes:

New Network latency trends tile

A new Network latency response time tile lets you see which IP addresses or domains have the longest response time or don’t respond at all to device requests. This data can help you troubleshoot possible issues related to the application server, for various device groups across the organization.

See Network latency response time to learn more.

TCPdump log requests from console

You can now make TCPdump log requests directly from the console by accessing the Devices page, then selecting one or more devices and clicking ACTIONS > Request diagnostics device log > TCPdump log.

TCPdump logs can’t be requested silently, as they may include privacy information related to the user. User consent is always required when requesting TCPdump logs.

To learn more about requesting TCPdump logs, see View diagnostic device logs.

Normalized battery consumption data for apps

You can now view normalized data in the Apps with highest battery consumption tile. With normalized data, you can see which apps consume the most battery, when compared to the app run-time.

In Settings > THRESHOLDS, you can now use recommended threshold values for your apps’ battery consumption and network usage.

If you are using managed apps, you can also go to Settings > MANAGED APPS to select whether these recommended thresholds are based on just your managed apps, or all apps in your organization.

New device storage status tile

A new Storage usage status dashboard tile has been added in this release. This module lets you see how many devices are close to reaching their maximum storage capacity, letting you proactively plan for data backups or offloading of unnecessary data.

See Storage usage status for more details.

Battery charging history as a CSV file

To help you analyze your device battery charging trends, you can now download a CSV file of Battery charging history events from the Diagnostic device logs page.

Support for viewing apps usage in the agent

Device users can now view the top 5 apps that consumed the highest battery or network resources over the past 24 hours, directly from the Knox Asset Intelligence agent. The agent’s Diagnostics > Apps screen now lets users view app Usage data and app Events data (force closing, app not responding) in two separate tabs.

To learn more about this new feature, review Use agent app.

Support for yesterday’s app usage data

You can now view data for Yesterday when viewing app usage insights such as Total app usage, Foreground app usage, Background app usage, Apps with highest battery consumption, and Apps with highest network usage.

New Location sub-dashboard

A new Location sub-dashboard is now available, and can be found under the Dashboard menu along with the Network, Apps, and Battery sub-dashboard.

The Location module provides the same outdoor GPS-based tracking functionality from previous releases, and introduces a new experimental (Labs) feature for indoor location tracking and data analytics within each zone.

Indoor location features are only activated after you create a Venue, and are only supported by a limited number of devices and access points (APs) in this release.

To learn more about indoor location tracking, please refer to the Location documentation page.

Support silent log requests for fully managed devices

You can now silently request diagnostic device logs from fully managed devices without requiring user consent. To do this, select a device from the Devices page, then go to ACTIONS > Request diagnostic device logs and simply enable the Request silently option.

If you request device logs from single-purpose (for example, Kiosk mode) devices, the logs automatically get silently requested.

Non fully-managed devices (for example, company devices with a work-profile) will always show a consent screen when logs are silently requested.

Support for battery charging issues (Labs)

A new Labs option in Settings > DATA CONDITIONS lets you collect battery charging issue events for your devices. When you enable the Charge issue events option, Knox Asset Intelligence collects data about battery charging issues related to water protection failures, incomplete connections, and more. This data will be used to provide battery charging insights in future releases.

This option is enabled by default. You can disable this option if you don’t want to collect data battery charging issue data for your devices.

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