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Integrate with an MSP

Last updated July 26th, 2023

How it works

Managed service providers (MSPs) can manage devices in Knox Asset Intelligence on behalf of your company, through the Knox MSP Portal.

There are two ways you can be managed by an MSP:

  • Fully managed — You won’t be able to access the Knox Asset Intelligence console. This option is intended to be a complete end-to-end solution, with your MSP offering hardware, apps, security, and support.
  • Jointly managed — You can still access the Knox Asset Intelligence console, which you manage alongside your MSP. This option is ideal for companies that are looking to outsource some of their IT management work.

As a jointly managed customer, if you decide not to be managed by your MSP in the future, they can initiate a delink request to stop managing your Knox Asset Intelligence console. Once you accept the request in the Knox Admin Portal, you then gain full control over your devices, settings, and data.

Location data can’t be managed by MSPs.

For more details on how the Knox MSP Program works, refer to the MSP admin guide.

New Knox Asset Intelligence customers

If you haven’t signed up for Knox Asset Intelligence yet and want to be managed by an MSP, you can ask your MSP to register your company as a new customer in the Knox MSP Portal.

If you or someone else in your company eventually want to change settings or view the dashboard directly, you’ll need to ask your MSP to give you full access permissions when they create your account. Afterwards, you’re directed to sign up for a Samsung account and Knox account through email.

Existing Knox Asset Intelligence customers

If you’re already using Knox Asset Intelligence and are interested in being managed by an MSP, your MSP can initiate the setup process in the Knox MSP Portal. Afterwards, your company’s super admin will receive an email with an invitation to accept the management request.

Once the super admin signs in to the Knox Admin Portal and accepts the request, the following happens depending on the selected management type:

  • Fully managed — You’re no longer able to access your Knox Asset Intelligence console, and your MSP receives service-related emails instead. Your MSP also has access to all data associated with your Knox Asset Intelligence console, including information about devices, licenses, resellers, and so on.
  • Jointly managed — You can still manage your Knox Asset Intelligence console, and both you and your MSP receive service-related emails. Your MSP won’t be able to manage your administrators and roles.

Note that your MSP can’t be a device group manager. In other words, if email alerts are set to be sent to all admins, then your MSP receives alerts for the whole company. However, if email alerts are set to be sent only to device group managers, your MSP admin can only can get email alerts for all device groups if their admin email is listed as an additional recipient.

Therefore, if you want to receive group-level reports from Knox Asset Intelligence as an MSP admin, you need to add your email as an additional recipient. To do so:

  1. In the top-right corner of the Knox Admin Portal, click your account icon > Settings.
  3. For each issue category you want to receive emails for, under Recipients, select Additional recipients and enter your email in the search box.

Email recipient list for MSP admins

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