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Before you begin

Last updated July 26th, 2023

In order to use Knox Asset Intelligence, you’ll need to register for Knox services and prepare your enterprise network’s firewall exceptions.

Register for Knox services

To begin using Knox Asset Intelligence, you’ll need to first create a Samsung account and register for access to Knox services. Once registered, you’ll have access to the Knox Admin Portal — a unified portal that serves as a hub for all Samsung Knox services, including Knox Asset Intelligence.

For detailed instructions, see Create a Samsung account.

Firewall exceptions

In addition to a Samsung account and access to Knox services, you’ll also need to configure your enterprise network to allow certain firewall exceptions in order to securely connect to the Knox Asset Intelligence server and its supporting resources.

Server exceptions

Website URL Ports
Samsung Account * 443, 80



443, 80
Knox Admin Portal 443, 80
Get files from Amazon S3


Client exceptions

Website URL Ports
Knox Asset Intelligence serve 443
Amazon S3 storage (for debug log file uploads)

umc-cdn 443, 80
Knox privacy policy/terms & conditions 443, 80

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