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Use the location dashboard

Last updated July 26th, 2023

The Location dashboard is your hub for viewing your fleet’s location-related statuses and finding devices on a map. To launch the Location dashboard, select Location from the left navigation pane.

Device status

At the top of the Locations dashboard, you’ll find a grid that lets you view all location-related statuses for your device fleet.

location dashboard statuses

The following statuses are displayed:

  • Enrolled — The device is enrolled, but location data is unavailable.
  • Location permission denied — The user has denied location tracking permission on their device.
  • Active (Outdoor) — The device is returning its outdoor location information and is reachable.
  • Active (Indoor) — The device is returning its indoor location information and is reachable.


This status will only display after a venue has been created.

  • Not reachable — The device’s location was not returned after an hour, or the location request was unsuccessful.
  • Update pending — A manual location request was initiated, and Knox Asset Intelligence is currently attempting to retrieve the device’s location. If there is no response after an hour, a device will be added to the Not reachable status count.

Location map

location map

The location map displays your device groupings — represented by gray bubbles on the map — as soon as you open the Location dashboard. When you zoom in on the map, the bubble updates to show the device distribution across a given area.

By default, the map opens in satellite view. You can switch between satellite and 2D maps by clicking the Map or Satellite button in the top-left corner of the map.

To find a specific device on the location map, click the Search icon and enter a device IMEI number. If the device is sending location data, you’ll see its last known location on the map, represented by a dot. Click X in the search field to clear your results and return to the default map view.

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