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Use the location dashboard

Last updated April 3rd, 2024

The Location dashboard is your hub for viewing your fleet’s location-related statuses and finding devices on a map. To launch the Location dashboard, select Location from the left navigation pane.

Device status

At the top of the Locations dashboard, you’ll find a grid that lets you view all location-related statuses for your device fleet.

location dashboard statuses

The following statuses are displayed:

  • Enrolled — The device is enrolled, but location data is unavailable.

  • Location permission denied — The user has denied location tracking permission on their device.

  • Active (Outdoor) — The device is returning its outdoor location information and is reachable.

  • Active (Indoor) — The device is returning its indoor location information and is reachable.

    This status will only display after a venue has been created.

  • Not reachable — The device’s location was not returned after an hour, or the location request was unsuccessful.

  • Update pending — A manual location request was initiated, and Knox Asset Intelligence is currently attempting to retrieve the device’s location. If there is no response after an hour, a device will be added to the Not reachable status count.

Location map

location map

The location map displays your device groupings — represented by gray circles on the map — as soon as you open the Location dashboard. When you zoom in on the map, the circle updates to show the device distribution across a given area.

Map view type

By default, the map opens in satellite view. You can switch between satellite and 2D maps by clicking the Map or Satellite button in the top-left corner of the map.

location map

Expanded map view

To expand the map to full screen, click the expanded view button in the top right corner of the map. Once expanded, click the button again to return to the default map view.

Devices list

To view a list of devices currently in view, click the Devices list button. The number of devices shown will correspond with the number of devices in the bubble, and may vary depending on the current map zoom level.

Search and filter

To find a specific device on the location map, click the Search icon and enter a device IMEI number. If the device is sending location data, you’ll see its last known location on the map, represented by a dot. Click X in the search field to clear your results and return to the default map view.

Live tracking

The Live tracking feature lets you receive continuous location updates from your devices for up to 30 seconds at a time. To use this feature, click the Live tracking button in the bottom right corner of the map.

This button can only be clicked after a certain zoom level. If you can’t click the button, try zooming in on the map until you can.

If your devices are active and reporting location data, then you’ll see a dot on the map representing the device’s location. As the device moves, the dot on the map will also move. After the 30 seconds, live tracking will stop. Click the Live tracking button once again to receive continuous updates for another 30 seconds.

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