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Location settings

Last updated July 26th, 2023

The Location Settings page is where you can enable location data collection and define how often data is collected. To access Location settings, open the Location dashboard, click the menu button (three vertical dots) near the top left corner of the page, then click Settings.

location dashboard setting

By default, location tracking is set to OFF to protect user privacy. If this setting is disabled, Knox Asset Intelligence won’t request location permissions from device users after enrollment.

If you enable indoor or outdoor location tracking in the console, the device user still needs to enable Google runtime permission for location on their device before location data can be collected. The Knox Asset Intelligence agent disables location tracking on the device by default.

You can send a notification to access the device’s location permissions by going to the Devices page, then selecting one or more devices and clicking ACTIONS > Send permissions notification. Once the device user receives the notification and enables location permissions, you can start collecting location data.

All location-enabled devices periodically send their location data to the Knox Asset Intelligence server at fixed intervals:

  • For Outdoor location tracking, data is sent in hour and minute intervals. Enter a value between 0-24 hours and 0-59 minutes. Default value is 5 minutes. Minimum value is 1 minute.
  • For Indoor location tracking, data is sent in minute and second intervals. It is recommended that you enter a minimum value of 15 seconds, as a shorter time period consumes more battery power on the device. Default and minimum value is 15 seconds.

In order to use indoor location tracking features, the Indoors option must be enabled AND at least one Venue must be created. See Create venues to learn more.

Indoor location tracking features are currently in a Labs state. While they remain in this state, customers can take full advantage of the current feature set, but are limited to a select number of devices and Access Point (AP) models. Samsung will continue to enhance current features and add new functionality for customers to use during the Labs state.

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