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Security center (Labs)

Last updated September 22nd, 2023

The Security Center dashboard insight lets you track vulnerabilities across different Samsung device models in your fleet. It provides the ability to know which individual devices are at risk from a particular vulnerability, and which are covered by the latest security patch.


The Security center insight is currently in a Labs state. While it remains in this state, Samsung will continue to enhance current features and add new functionality for customers to use and evaluate.

Main tile view

The Security center insight’s main tile view lets you know how many devices in your fleet are not up-to-date with the latest security patches, the total number of vulnerabilities across your entire fleet, and the total number of devices that failed a critical boot-time integrity check.

In the notification area, you’ll see the deployment (device model and security patch combination) with the most devices in your fleet, and its total vulnerability count. Click VIEW to see the list of vulnerabilities for these devices.

security center main tile

Expanded view

The Security center insight’s expanded view page is divided into the following key components:

security center expanded

In the top section, you’ll see a summary of your fleet’s security status, letting you know how many devices are not up-to-date with the latest security patches, how many have critical vulnerabilities, and how many failed a boot-time integrity check.

Fleet vulnerabilities

In the middle section, the Fleet vulnerabilities chart provides a breakdown of your fleet’s vulnerability categories (Critical, High, Medium, Low), and lets you know how many vulnerabilities exist under each category. Hover over each segment in the chart to get an explanation of the category, or click any category in the legend to hide it from the chart.

Below the chart, you can click DOWNLOAD ALL SECURITY VULNERABILITIES to receive a ZIP file containing all vulnerabilities in CSV format.

From the Fleet vulnerabilities chart, if you click the drill-down view button (>), you’ll see a breakdown of every CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) and SVE (Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures) reported in your fleet.

security center expanded view fleet vulnerabilities

From this page, you can click any link in the Affected devices column to get a second drill-down view of each device affected by a particular CVE/SVE, or click See report in the NIST Report column to view additional information about that vulnerability.

security center fleet vulnerabilities per device

Fleet integrity

Using Knox Attestation, the Fleet integrity chart provides insight into whether your devices have ever installed non-official Samsung software. You can see how many devices have a Good, Bad, or Unknown status. Devices that have failed Knox Attestation receive a Bad status.

In the notification section at the bottom of the chart, you’ll see when attestation was last checked, and when the next check will occur.

security center fleet integrity chart

Vulnerabilities per device model

The data table in the Security center expanded view provides a list of all device-model and installed security patch combinations in the fleet, and how many vulnerabilities were detected for that particular combination. In the Device count column, you’ll see the total number of devices in the fleet that have the exact model-patch combination.


The table is sorted by Device count in descending order, with the largest device count at the top.

Click any value in the Vulnerabilities column to get a drill-down view of the vulnerabilies affecting that particular model-patch pair. In the drill-down view, click See report in the NIST report column to read additional information about the reported CVE/SVE.

security center expanded view table

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