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Groups with low battery events

Last updated December 6th, 2023

This insight lets you see which groups in your fleet that have excessive low battery event counts.

A low battery event occurs when your device battery levels drop below the allowable threshold set in Dashboard settings.

Main tile view

low battery events tile

In the main tile view, you’ll see the top five groups in your fleet with the most low battery level events, as well as the total number of devices affected in each group.

Expanded view

Expanded view: Groups with low battery start shift

In the expanded view, you’ll see every group that reported low battery level events over the selected reporting period, as well as each group’s total device and event count. To view a CSV file that lists all devices, select one or more groups from the list, then click DOWNLOAD AS CSV. Alternatively, you can download a CSV file for all groups if you just click DOWNLOAD AS CSV without selecting a group.

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