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Scanning performance

Last updated July 26th, 2023

How it works

Leveraging the Knox ecosystem, Knox Asset Intelligence integrates seamlessly with Knox Capture to provide scanning insights directly on your dashboard.

Devices with both the Knox Asset Intelligence and Knox Capture apps installed can report the following data:

  • Total scans — All scans completed by devices are tracked and visualized in chart format, filterable by different time ranges. Per-device scan data is also available, as well as whether the scan was completed by the device camera or a hardware scanner.
  • Total devices — The number of devices that have the Knox Capture app installed, along with the app version and device model.
  • Barcode symbology types — The number and types of barcode symbologies scanned by the device. For example, UPC, Code 128, and QR codes.
  • Device info — The model name of the device and Knox Capture app version info.

To learn how Knox Capture works, see the Knox Capture admin guide.

Dashboard tile views

For a description of dashboard tiles, refer to Dashboard tiles explained.

Main tile view

Scanning performance dashboard widget

The SCANNING PERFORMANCE widget displays total scan counts and average scans per device for the configured time range, which can be modified in the Display dropdown. Underneath each metric, an arrow shows the change in percentage since the last time period.

Expanded view

Scanning performance expanded view

In the expanded view, several charts containing aggregated scanning information are displayed. A ribbon at the top highlights average and median scan counts.

Refer to the following table for an overview of each chart and its function. Each chart’s data is based on the configured time range in the Display dropdown.

Chart name Description
Scanning trend Shows the average number of scans per device and the total number of scans over the configured time range. Hover over a point on the line to see the average scans per device for that time period, or hover over a bar to see the total number of scans.
Device distribution for daily scan performance Shows the number of devices distributed over average scan totals for the day. You can also hover over a bar on the chart to download the device list for that time period.
Hourly scanning performance Shows the total number of scans across all devices per hour, spanning the last 24 hours. Hover over a bar to see the exact scan total for that hour.
Symbology scan distribution Shows all scanned barcode symbologies from highest number of scans to lowest. Hover over a bar to see the total number of scans for that time period.
Unused devices Shows the number of devices that did not register a scan over the configured time range. Hover over a bar to see the number of unused devices for that time period.
Top contributors Shows the top 5 devices with the highest number of scans, in descending order. The 6th category includes scans from all other devices.
Bottom contributors Shows the 5 devices with the lowest number of scans, in ascending order. The 6th category includes scans from all other devices.
Camera vs. hardware scan Shows the number of Knox Capture scans from the device’s camera compared to the number of scans from a dedicated hardware scanner.

To view a subset of scanning data, choose from several options listed in the filter panel. The default value for all filters is set to All.

  • Model — Choose to view scan info from a specific device model.
  • Knox Capture app version — Monitor and troubleshoot problematic app versions.
  • Scan method — Specifies whether the device’s camera or a dedicated hardware scanner was used for the scan.

When exporting a CSV file with scanning performance data, the following columns are included:

  • Device ID
  • Model
  • Total scans
  • Average scans
  • Knox Capture app version
  • Scan method

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