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Battery state of health

Last updated July 26th, 2023

The Battery state of health (SOH) insight provides a summary of your device fleet’s overall battery condition and how much of its original charge the battery can hold.

Main tile view

Battery state of health dashboard widget

On the insight’s main tile view, you’ll see your fleet’s battery health put into one of three categories.

Status Battery
Good 75% and higher
Normal 55-75%
Bad 55% and lower

Hover over a chart segment to view the total number of devices in that category, as well as the category’s overall percentage within the fleet. You can use this information to help efficiently plan for your devices’ battery replacements.

Expanded view

Click the Expanded view button ( > ) to view all devices and their Battery state of health. If you only want to view data related to a specific status, click either Good, Normal, or Bad in the tile list. The expanded view page shows devices with those selected states.

Device list filtered by battery state of health

On the Expanded view page, you’ll see battery state of health (Good, Normal, Bad) followed by a value in the BATTERY SOH column. For example, Good (74) would indicate that the device’s battery health is in a Good state, and that it is able to hold approximately 74% of its original charge.

Click any device in the DEVICE ID column to view more details in an expanded panel. To learn more about expanded device details, see Manage devices.

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