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Screen time

Last updated September 6th, 2023

The Screen time insight lets you see how many hours an app was used in the foreground, and how many times it was launched by a device user, regardless of the device’s charging state.

Main tile view

The Screen time insight’s main tile view displays the top 5 apps that had the most screen time in your fleet. The total combined screen time hours of the top 5 apps is displayed near the top of the tile, followed by a bar-chart and data table showing each app’s name and total screen time hours over the selected reporting period.

Hover over any bar-chart segment to view an app’s total screen time, the number of times the app launched, and the total number of devices that launched the app.

At the bottom of the tile in the notification area, you’ll see the top app’s average screen time per app-launch.

app screen time

Expanded view

In the Screen time insight’s expanded view, the default chart displays the total screen time hours per day for the top 5 apps. Hover your mouse over the chart to view the app’s name, the total screen time hours, and the average number of times the app was launched per device on that particular day.

On the legend at the bottom of the chart, hover your mouse over any app name to focus chart on that app. Click any app name in the legend to remove it from the chart.

app screen time default chart

If you want to see the average screen time per app-launch, select the Normalized chart. When you hover your mouse over the chart, you’ll see the app’s name, the average screen time in seconds, and the average number of times the app was launched per device on that particular day.

app screen time normalized chart

In the expanded view data table, you can see every app that had reported screen time usage over the selected reporting period. To download the table as a CSV file, click the DOWNLOAD AS CSV button in the top-right corner.

app screen time expanded view table

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