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Knox Asset Intelligence 24.04 release notes

Last updated April 3rd, 2024


Roles-based access control per data insight

When defining a role in Knox Asset Intelligence, you can now provide access to specific dashboard insights for that role. For example, if you create a role that only has access to App insights, then any admins assigned to that role can only view app-related tiles on the dashboard.

To learn more about role management, see Manage admins and roles

Security Center general availability

The Security center is now available for all customers. You can find a new Security link under the Dashboard menu in the console’s navigation pane.

Learn more about this exciting new feature on Security center page.

Option to collect system app data

To help provide more accurate app insights, you can now choose to include or exclude the collection of system app data by the agent. A new Collect system application data option is available in the Apps tab on the Dashboard settings page.

See Configure dashboard settings to learn more.

Support for RAM usage-per-app data collection (Labs)

A new Labs experiment feature called RAM usage can be found in Settings > DATA CONDITIONS > DATA UPLOAD > APP. When enabled, Knox Asset Intelligence collects RAM usage-related data from your devices. This data will be used to provide RAM usage insights in a future release.

Support for smart battery insights

The Battery State of Health insight now displays Charging cycle data to let you know how many times your device’s battery went through a full cycle of charging and discharging. This data is only available on rugged devices with smart or non-replaceable batteries.

See Battery state of health to learn more.

Continuous real-time location updates

To help you locate your enterprise assets easier, a new Live tracking feature in the Location dashboard lets you make an on-demand request to get continuous real-time updates from your devices for periods up to 30 seconds at a time.

Learn more about this improvement by going to Use the location dashboard.


Mobile network usage chart improvements

To help you monitor your fleet’s mobile network data consumption easier, the Mobile network usage insight’s chart now displays the total data consumption (in GB) for the most connected carriers. Previously, this chart displayed the total connection time (in hours) for the most connected carriers.

See Mobile network usage to learn more.

Knox Service Plugin dashboard improvements

Several improvements were made to the Knox Service Plugin (KSP) dashboard insights. On the Knox Service Plugin Status tile, you’ll now see the top 7 profiles. Previously, this tile only displayed the top 3 profiles. Additionally, the Knox Service Plugin profile failed tiles now shows No failed event detected! if there aren’t any failures. Previously, these tiles showed 0 events when there weren’t any failures.

To learn more, see Knox Service Plugin status and Knox Service Plugin profile failures.

Improvements to tcpdump logs from agent

To help troubleshoot device issues more effectively, a tutorial now displays when device users send a Network (TCPDUMP) error report for the first time. In addition to the tutorial, the floating action buttons to Stop or Cancel the tcpdump log capture now includes a 5-minute timer to help ensure users reproduce their issues within the time limit.

See Use the agent app to learn more about this improvement.

Wi-Fi diagnostics improvements for agent

Device users can now use the Knox Asset Intelligence agent to check their Wi-Fi connection history for the last seven days in order to help their IT admins troubleshoot network issues.

To learn more about this feature, see Use the agent app

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