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Knox Asset Intelligence 23.12 release notes

Last updated January 3rd, 2024

Improved device uploading with CSV files

In this release, you can now use a CSV file to upload devices to your Knox Asset Intelligence console, even if the same devices have already been uploaded to another Knox service. This method only works if your devices are uploaded to services using the same Knox Customer ID.

New unified email preferences

Prior to Knox Cloud Services 23.12, you had to manage your email preferences for Knox Suite products separately, and it was only possible to set email preferences for certain Knox services (Knox Asset Intelligence, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox E-FOTA, and Knox Guard).

In this release, you can now also manage email preferences for Knox Asset Intelligence, and all other Knox services, from the same Settings > Email preferences page in the Knox Admin Portal.

Improved email templates

Knox email templates were updated, making them more readable and consistent. Email messages will now describe the urgency of issues, provide clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and have improved presentation to help you focus on content more easily.

Ability to request Device snapshots

You can now request a Device snapshot to help you analyze and troubleshoot device issues more effectively. Device snapshots are a detailed summary of your device’s status, settings, and app, battery, and network insights, presented in a single and consolidated page. Device snapshots can be generated instantly, or you can select an event — for example, when an app issue occurs — and then schedule a snapshot to be captured after the event occurs.

To learn more about Device snapshots, see View diagnostics.

New data usage insight for network connection types

The new Data usage by connection type insight lets you easily see how much mobile and Wi-Fi data your fleet has consumed, allowing you to predict and prevent mobile data over-usage and excessive data costs.

To learn more about this new insight, see Data usage by connection type.

Ability to configure network latency test frequency and timeout periods

You can now configure network latency tests to specify how often they run, and how long the system should wait for a response from the server before reporting that the test timed out.

Support for automatic license replacement

If you have any Knox Suite or standalone Knox Asset Intelligence licenses that are about to expire, and you have another active license in your account, you will now automatically switch over to that active license once the current license expires.

Ability to see if devices have Wi-Fi calling setting status enabled

A new Wi-Fi calling setting status field on the Data Conditions tab of the Dashboard settings lets you know if device users have turned on the Wi-Fi calling feature in their device settings.

To learn more about this new field, see Configure dashboard settings.

Support for automatic installation and enrollment using Knox Manage

For customers who use Knox Manage as their UEM, you can now use its mobile application management capabilities to automatically install the agent app and enroll devices in Knox Asset Intelligence. In addition, if you create a group in Knox Manage, you can also assign all newly enrolled devices to the same group in Knox Asset Intelligence.

Improved app screen time insight data

In the Screen time insight, you can now get a drill-down view for each app to see the total screen time per app version, as well as the total screen time and total launch count per day for all devices in your fleet.

To learn more, see Screen time

This release delivers a significant update to Knox cloud infrastructure that further hardens how fields with personally identifiable information (PII) are stored. This update impacts how you can search for PII across all Knox services.

For the technical details about this update, as well as an up-to-date breakdown of how this affects Knox Asset Intelligence, see Security notice regarding storage and search behavior for PII.

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